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Notice For National Travel Support Reactivation💡

To Our Dear Guests,

This time, Kyoto City once again launched the “Kyoto Charm Rediscovery Tour Program National Travel Support”!

To support your trip to Kyoto and make your trip to Kyoto even more enjoyable, we are offering special coupons.

This program is only available in December (December 1 – December 27) and is designed to make an unforgettable trip to Kyoto even more exciting.

(See the back half of the page for details.)

You can book your stay from our home page!

If there is anything you don’t understand after the appointment, please call for advice.

【 Project Details 】 ↓↓

Maximum allowance of 5,000 yen per person from accommodation and travel expenses. (Adults and children)

↓↓ per person per day

– 2,000 yen on weekdays

– Day off 1,000 yen

The coupon.

* Both children and adults

【Usage Description】 ↓↓

Project application period: Order and Five-Year December 1 (Fri) to December 27 (Wed)

Kyoto Aid coupon Use time:December 1st (Fri) – December 28th (Thu)

Project applicable object: Limit domestic residents in Japan

* Coupons can be collected at our hotel FUGASTAY.

* Personal confirmation documents (driver’s license, etc.) are required when receiving the coupon.

* Coupons can be used at pre-registered facilities, shops, and transportation facilities in Kyoto Prefecture.

How about taking advantage of this great opportunity to experience the charm of Kyoto? Immerse yourself in Kyoto’s history and culture, enjoy the local cuisine and natural scenery, and make unforgettable memories!

Sincerely look forward to your visit!